Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Buy Local: Farmers Market wk 1

My treasures from Central Market! 
I have started living what I "preach" by shopping local. I am very blessed to live in a town with 3 year round farmers markets. Shopping them, I see as an investment in my family, our health, and our community.

I love shopping local, I love how it helps me see my town as an important part of our lives.  Buying from local farmers has made me fall in love with cooking and feeding my family. Week 1 I got some lovely fresh fish, produce, bread & baked goods from the Student Run Bakery, and plus a whole lot.

 I am working on buying local, budgeting and shopping with cash! I use My Weekly Budget app on my iphone to keep me on track! The app gives me one place to keep track of all that I spend no matter if it is cash or bank card. In a future post I will show you some of the yummy meals we make.
 Do you shop local?

Goals for this week:
  • Don't plan, buy in budget and buy fresh! 
  • Reduce the plastic, bring containers!
  • Buy from new stand!

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