Monday, March 4, 2013

The Dollhouse, A New Style of Doll

Not to long ago I started selling in my Etsy shop (The Enchanted Cupboard) Family dolls of a different style, Bendy Dolls. I love getting to custom make them to look like the family members.

While I am creating I wonder about where will the live, what style of doll house they will have. I think about the sweet children who will soon own them, love them.

My new bendy style dolls are more customizable in size so this has made me have to re-look at my dollhouse furniture design. Here is a cozy bedroom. These 2 bendy dolls you will see in a lot of my photos, they are my parents.

here is the same bedroom set but with my peg doll style. As you can see the beds are made so that the dolls will not roll out of bed, important detail when designing for little ones!

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