Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Packaging: A Secret Love

It is true I love packaging. I love thinking about, shopping for supplies and also putting it together. I also love to get something in the mail that is put together in yummy packaging. Even though I know what is inside I still get excited!

I have tried different combinations but love this for my stackers. A simple brown bag sealed with a bit of washi tape, and a brown label with my shop name and web address. It is crisp, clean and gives and lovely presentation. It is fun but not over the top!

I love these simple brown paper stickers. I can add them to the packaging, add them to a card-stock label, or apply them to the outside of the package. Stickers are a great way to add a little something extra.

I add packing material between the layers of these I am shipping. I top it off with a crisp white tissue parer to give it a polished look. My last step is to add a handwritten thank you on the back of this fun thank you card and include a few business cards. Simple and lovely... it puts a smile on my face and greats the buyer with a lovely expression of of my joy in making these handmade item just for them!


  1. just ADORE your packaging....customers must be so excited, it's like getting a present!

  2. How cute! What a treat for your customers. :)

  3. Your packaging is so beautiful! How wonderful to receive this in the mail:)

  4. Very simple, but gorgeous! Love it.

  5. lovely packaging! I also have fun with packing my dolls. I think it's a great opportunity to pack it with love and show how much you care about your work & the customer. Love the stickers & pretty tape.