Thursday, March 7, 2013

Creative Play

I love watching children play, to see their imagination grow. I love to see my daughter play house and create a nurturing environment for her dolls. Sweet Flower (the doll) is having some lunch! I fill my daughters world with natural toys, things that will do no harm to her or the earth.

All my children have great imaginations but I so delight in my daughter's play. She has started this lovely way of singing what she is doing, sometimes even in a wonderful Opera style. My enjoyment is not matched by her brother's who would prefer that she did not sing everything she does.

All my children are lively and wonderful. Our days are full of controlled chaos! No matter how crazy our homeschooling day becomes I would not trade it for another life. I truly feel blessed in my enchanted life with my creative and overwhelming children. Nothing is a greater reward then to see them happy to just be who they are!

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