Friday, March 8, 2013

I Love Fairytale Stories

To tell the truth these dolls I made for me. I loved fairytale stories! When I was growing up I often recreated them in my playtime. I  did my chores while pretending to be Cinderella. These dolls and playsets are where your child's play can recreate old time fairytale stories and ad to the stories to make them their own.

 I've heard some people say that these stories were not good role models for girls. I feel this is not true and that it depends on how you tell the story. These were tales told in a time when woman were thought of as less, and had no rights. These stories were not really meant for children most were a way for women to talk politics, something they were not allowed to have an opinion about. They gave our fore-mothers the inspiration to bring change to each generation, and helped us get to where we are.

These girls had power in spite of the odds, certain doom, and personal tragedy they suffered. They changed their world in a time when women had no rights. These stories have a powerful message that is still of value to the girls of this and the next generation. These are not just silly stories; they are our past and our future.

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  1. Oh Cinderella !! What a great idea it !!

  2. You are a wonderful artist Beccijo! Such beautiful characters.

  3. So cute. I want to play with them too!